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I'm Fitch. I design mobile interfaces/systems for startups. I usually walk a tightrope b/w users' needs & current business goals. I'm also co-founder & head of product @popupapp.

This is my process. On average, it takes 80 Hours (across 4 weeks) from concept to deliverables (usually .psds and images).
1. listen / ask / scope
< This is Not A Stock Photo.
It's my notebook from a requirements meeting on March 24. My brain on paper, understanding the team's ideas & requirements. All of my work starts with at least two pages that look like this. Do you have 17 min to talk product?

//Estimate of time, $$$ & scope
//Understanding of expertise & fit
//Warm & fuzzy feeling
2. Prototype The System
< Actual Wireframes:
The tools I use to prototype largely depend on what questions we are exploring. Most of the time I use them all.

//Pen & Paper
//Quartz Composer
//Flinto (love this)

3. Design / Iterate / Deliver
< Designed BY Yours Truly
Pixel perfect is worthless if it's not usable. We (you, me + users) test the prototypes until they're right. Then I polish the pixels & deliver assets; or interface with your devs to skin your app.
That's My Process. Iterative. Fast & Smooth. Want to work together?
copyright 2014, Fitch Carrere